Citizens' Initiative for an Integral Green Slovenia

The “Integral Green Slovenia Citizens’ Initiative for the Wholesome Life in the Internationally Respected Community of Slovenia” was prepared and signed by a group of more than 20 distinguished Slovenian experts, and widely communicated in April 2013. The first eight signatures were: Dr. Darja Piciga, Andrej Kranjc, MSc, Dr. Oto Luthar, Ddr. Barica Marentič Požarnik, Ddr. Matjaž Mulej, Jan Peloza, Dr. Aleš Smrekar, and Rene Suša. The Initiative began with the following address:

Dear Citizens of the Republic of Slovenia,

We turn to you, convinced that Slovenia has realistic possibilities to become within this decade a respected eco-country, a mutually cohesive and inclusive society with a thriving economy and a high quality of life, space and the natural environment. Beyond that, we also have a tremendous opportunity to become the first country to systematically implement an integral model, i.e., model of the wholesome, collaborative and integrative economy. The establishment of Slovenia as a globally recognised example of an integral sustainable society and economy would constitute a solution to the current social, economic, financial, political and moral crisis in our country and would assist other countries to more successfully addressing global challenges.

To believe in the prospects and feasibility of such a vision of development, we have at the disposal solid arguments; also, we can show a number of potentials and already viable examples of good practices, both globally and domestically. This vision is already built-in in the strategic plans for the 2014 – 2020 period. We stand in respect of such a developmental path because we know that it is consistent with the values, attitudes and needs of the vast majority of the population of Slovenia. Under the condition that we all prove our credibility, we can together gain a lot of international support, including financial, for Integral Green Slovenia. Such an approach should also help to avoid the impending “Greek scenario”. Therefore, we invite you to:

  • Firstly, gain the knowledge about the necessity of different economic model and sustainable development paths, get the information on success stories and opportunities for implementation of such models;
  • Secondly, support the development strategy for Integral Green Slovenia and request from those who have the decision-making power or aspire to get it, to incorporate and implement it – in their local community, in their region, in the country;
  • Thirdly, contribute with your own work and efforts to its implementation – in a collaborative, integrative way, by incorporating positive examples, as well as by searching international support for it.





Prof. Alexander Schieffer and Prof. Ronnie Lessem: MORE INFORMATION.