3rd International Conference INTEGRAL GREEN ECONOMY FOR A BETTER WORLD – IGE2017

NEW: Concept Paper and Agenda now available!

Citizens’ Initiative for an Integral Green Slovenia and Trans4m Center for Integral Development from Geneva, together with more than 20 organisations and institutions from Slovenia, would like to invite social innovators from various areas, including policy and decision makers, to join the all-day 3rd International Conference Integral Green Economy for a Better World (IGE 2017). The title of the conference that will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on Tuesday, 31 January 2017 is Integral Green Slovenia, Europe and the World towards Sustainable Development Goals.

The conference follows the previous conferences on Integral Green Economy in 2013 and 2014 in Slovenia and the release of the Gower and Routledge book Integral Green Slovenia in June 2016.

The Conference will focus on presenting a possible contribution of an Integral Green Economy and Society approach, with Slovenia as a Pilot Country, to a New European Renaissance in the context of Sustainable Development Agenda. At the same time the event represents a powerful co-learning, research and networking opportunity for Slovenian and international (primarily Trans4m network) participants of the conference, with a view to future cooperation.

Main streams of the Conference:

  1. Cultural and Natural Heritage for Integral Renewal of Slovenia and Europe, In and For Community
  2. Social Knowledge-Based Economy: Strengths and Opportunities in Slovenia and Europe; a Promising Path towards SDGs
  3. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and for an Integral Age (EIA)

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