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IGE 2018

4th International Conference


Poljčane, Slovenia, 13 & 14 September 2018

A unique event in the framework of European and global endeavours for sustainable development will take place on September 13 & 14 in Poljčane, Slovenia. The Citizens’ Initiative for an Integral Green Slovenia, Trans4m Center for Integral Development from Geneva and Kindergarten Slovenska Bistrica, together with several organisations and institutions from Slovenia, Europe and Africa, would like to invite social innovators from various areas, including policy and decision makers, to join the 4th International Conference Integral Green Economy for a Better World (IGE 2018) with the title Integrating Local and Global Perspectives on Burning Issues and Looking for Integral Green Solutions.

The international event will evolve around three main topics:

  • Integrally Framed Sustainable Development of Organisations, Communities, Municipalities and Regions in Slovenia, within the European Context – with the opportunity to co-create proposals for integral green regional and local projects.
  • Reflection on Slovenia as a Learning Space for Sustainable Development.
  • Integral Worlds in Africa, a Promising Path for Sustainable Development and Well-Being of All – to be supported through Africa – Europe cooperation.

The conference follows the previous conferences on Integral Green Economy in 2013, 2014 and 2017 in Slovenia and the release of the Gower and Routledge volume Integral Green Slovenia in June 2016.

In addition to presentations of authors of the Integral Green Slovenia book and other innovators for sustainable development from Slovenia, more than dozen of participants from international TRANS4M community will be actively sharing applications of the integral approach in Africa, Middle East and other World Regions.

More information in the Conference Announcement.

News about the conference on the Trans4m website

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